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About Green Scene Lawn and Pest

Who is Green Scene Lawn and Pest?

Green Scene is a locally owned and operated lawn care and pest control company serving the Indianapolis Metropolitan area and the Chicago Metropolitan area for the last two decades, specializing in the latest lawn care and pest control techniques. We utilize a completely different approach. We believe every lawn or home should be treated as an individual and not put on a production line. 

The Green Scene Process

We start with on-site soil testing for your lawn and an in-depth inspection of your home for pests (at no cost to you), followed by a truly customized program based on your specific needs and your budget. This insures the only money you spend is where it is directly needed and will make the strongest impact. Green Scene uses only the highest grade products, state-of-the-art types of applications, along with a micro-management system to monitor your results. All of this, while still being competitively priced to the average company.

We Only Hire the Best

All Green Scene employees go far beyond the minimum state requirements for training – a full year beyond state exams. This empowers your technician to make immediate diagnosis and on-site evaluations to produce the strongest and best results possible. Our office personnel are cross-trained with field knowledge, as well as how to read and understand your specific program, allowing them to be able to fully answer any question you may have about your lawn and pest programs and needs. Let all of us show you we care and are here to help you. Let us show you how we can get you the results you’re looking for – guaranteed!

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