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Get Your First Lawn Care Treatment in Zionsville for $39.95!

Having a manicured lawn to enjoy is on everyone’s wish list, but putting in the work is easier said than done. Here at Green Scene Lawn & Pest, we take the weight off of your shoulders and give you the lawn all of the neighbors will envy with our lawn care in Zionsville!

Locally Owned

For the last 20 years, we have been proudly providing Indianapolis and Chicagoland with professional lawn care & pest control services.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your results, we’ll happily come back and re-treat your home or lawn. That’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Science-Based Treatments

Each lawn and pest situation is unique, and so are our solutions! Soil analyses to inspections – our treatments are designed just for you.

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Lawn Care in Zionsville

If you’re searching for the most reputable lawn care company that will transform your lawn into a green paradise, look no further than Green Scene Lawn & Pest. When you partner with us, you can expect our friendly, professional lawn technicians to make your lawn dreams a reality.

Our lawn care in Zionsville includes:

  • An initial evaluation of your lawn.
  • A soil analysis.
  • A personalized and comprehensive lawn treatment plan.
  • Professional services by lawn experts.

Recurring Treatments for a Healthy Lawn Year-Long

Weather in Zionsville is dependent on the season. In the summer the amount of daylight is higher than in other seasons and the temperature is the hottest in the summer. In the winter it snows frequently with small amounts of rain and has colder temperatures. Without proper care, a lawn can reflect the season. With reoccurring treatments and fertilization, you can be assured that during the warm summers, your lawn will stay healthy. During the cold winters when the sun sets earlier, your lawn can stay healthy even when battling the snow Indiana is accustomed to. No matter the season, the weather, or the perception, our year-round service will help keep your lawn looking green and full.

Our recurring services for our lawn care program include fertilization, weed control, thatch management, lawn pest prevention, lawn renovation, and more!

Customized Services to Match Your Vision

Lawn care should not be one-size-fits-all. After a detailed evaluation of your landscape, we will work with you to create the lawn you have always wanted by considering the unique features of your property. Being a locally owned and operated company in Noblesville, many of our lawn technicians understand the specific qualifications needed for a lawn to thrive in Zionsville.

You’re Guaranteed to Love Your Lawn!

We understand how hard it is to trust a lawn care company with your yard—not only is it the first thing one notices about your home, but you put a lot of money into making it beautiful and safe for your family to spend time in. That’s why we at Green Scene offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you don’t love your lawn after the initial treatment, a lawn care technician will come back and re-treat at no additional charge to you. We’re not happy unless you’re happy!

Tree and Shrub Care in Zionsville

Did you know that upkeeping a well-landscaped lawn can increase the value of your home? To have the best lawn, you need to use the best products. Green Scene Lawn and Pest Control have your back. With over 20 years of experience providing tree and shrub care with our high-quality products, we can keep your trees and shrubs looking beautiful all year long.

Our tree and shrub care in Zionsville includes:


Fertilizer treatments to help your trees grow stronger and healthier.

Treatments for Evergreens

Treatments for evergreens to keep them looking their greenest all year long.

Deep Root Feeding

Deep root feeding that gets nutrients right to your trees and shrubs’ roots.


Treatments to keep your greenery safe from pests like emerald ash borer.

Customized Treatment Plans

Customized treatment plans to properly care for your unique yard.

Thorough Inspections

Thorough inspections even a soil analysis from our lawn care experts to find just what your yard needs to thrive.

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Aeration & Seeding in Zionsville

Is your lawn looking like it needs a pick-me-up? Are you seeing brown spots beginning to appear? Or are weeds continuing to take over your lawn? If so, it may be time for you to consider lawn aeration and seeding treatment in Zionsville! Lawn Aeration is the process of taking plugs of soil out from your turf and increasing the surface area within the roots for oxygen, nutrients, and water to flow. Seeding on top of the aerated lawn then allows for fast regrowth of grass to cover any bare patches which will leave your lawn looking fresh and healthy in no time. If this sounds like something that could help your lawn, give our friendly staff here at Green Scene Lawn and Pest a call and see how we can help you!

More Than Just Looking Good

On top of making your grass look greener, our aeration and seeding treatment comes with all of the following benefits:

  • Reduction of thatch, which allows your grass to breathe easier.
  • Restores turf that has been damaged due to heavy foot traffic or weather conditions.
  • Guaranteed results or we will re-treat for free!

Our technicians have years of experience in making sure all our neighbor’s lawns are healthy and look fantastic. Using top-quality equipment, alongside extensive training, our team is able to provide effective aeration and seeding treatments every time.

Check out our lawn care in Fishers and surrounding cities!

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