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Enjoy a Beautiful, Green Lawn

Everyone strives for a lush, healthy lawn, but sometimes finding the time to do that can be difficult. With work, family, and outside commitments, working improving your lawn isn't your main priority. With Green Scene Lawn and Pest, we can take that pressure off of you, providing you with the healthy and enjoyable lawn you’ve always wanted.

Lawn Care in Indianapolis & Chicagoland

Professional Lawn Care Services

If you're ready to transform the look and feel of your lawn, Green Scene is the lawn care company for you! Our professional lawn care technicians offer unique services that treat your turf, your soil, and your roots. When you choose our trusted team for your lawn care in the Midwest, you can expect:

  • A free lawn evaluation
  • A comprehensive soil analysis
  • A scientific and customized treatment plan
  • Professional services by trained experts

Great Results from Scientific Methods

We want to ensure that your lawn gets the most out of our lawn care services. That’s why we don’t just follow the latest trends – we make sure all of our lawn care services are backed by the latest in lawn care science and up to date on the most current knowledge. We start every home with a free inspection and soil analysis to identify your lawn’s unique problems and make recommendations on how we can address them. 

Customized Lawn Care Tailored for You

Your lawn is unique, and your lawn care services should be, too! We believe that the best lawn care comes from a careful examination of your lawn and your goals as a homeowner, and we create customized lawn care approaches to match. 

Many of our lawn experts are local to the area and grew up in the Indianapolis or Chicago neighborhoods that they work in today. We know how lawns grow in the Midwest and have developed treatments specifically for them. You won’t find any generic solutions here. Instead, we take the time to get to know you and your lawn and give you the services that will give you the lush, green landscape you’ve been dreaming of. Our lawn care professionals currently service the Indianapolis and Chicago metropolitan areas, including:

A Great Lawn All Year Long

Just like you, your landscape has different needs at different times of the year, and our recurring lawn care treatments reflect that. We provide fertilization, weed control, and other comprehensive, additional services including:

  • Revitalizer – a stimulant that causes root growth, creating a fuller, thicker lawn.
  • Thatch management
  • Lawn pest control – spiders, ticks, fleas, and ants.
  • New lawn renovation – kills your current grass and gives your lawn a fresh start.

With recurring treatments, you can relax knowing that your lawn is getting what it needs to stay healthy throughout the year.

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Achieve the healthy lawn you want!

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